5 Day ONLINE CLASS Program

Dance Dynamics Community, for the next 5 days we will transfer all our classes online. This is called ‘Interactive’. Those of you that journeyed through lockdown previously will know about this service. All in-studio classes are deferred until Thursday 18th February. But we have pulled together an epic full program to keep you moving, happy and inspired from home! 



1. Make sure your app is showing Interactive classes and the location is set to Hampton

2. Book the class you would like to participate in

3. 30 minutes prior to the class beginning, you will be emailed an access link

4. When you click this link, it will open a new page and ask you to log in

5. Login using your MindBody username and password (this will be the same login you use for the app)

6. You will then be taken to a waiting room until the instructor begins the class



– Best browsers include IOS Safari on Apple or Chrome on Android

– If you are on your phone, make sure you have ‘pop block-ups’ disabled

– For the best experience during the class, make sure your microphone is switched off unless you are chatting with the teacher

– Get logged in and started 10 minutes prior, so you have time to call the studio if there are technical issues. Call: 1300 326 233


How are the online ‘Interactive’ classes charged ?
Classes online work the same way as in studio classes. So you have the same amount of sessions as you regularly would. These automatically deduct from your membership or pass when you book and are checked in.

I don’t want to do online sessions can I suspend my Membership or Pass?
Yes you can, if you are on a  Membership we will provide you a complimentary suspension for 1 week but we will need you to fill in this form SUSPENSION FORM  

If you are on a 21 Day INTRO and don’t want to do online sessions we will happily extend your pass by 5 extra days, simply lodge your request EXTEND 5 DAYS FORM

Will my account automatically be frozen?
No, because we are continuing to teach but from online. If you would like to suspend you should lodge request as above.

What happened to the classes already booked?
All classes and booking are cancelled and removed. You will not be charged for these sessions.

Do interactive classes count towards my weekly/fortnightly/monthly allocation of classes?
Yes , interactive classes are counted in the same way as in studio classes. 

Do I need to download App to do the online classes?
The App is used to book your sessions. The actual class is from the link that your are emailed and will open on your computer browser or phone browser.

I have not received my link, what do I do?
We have rostered our office team to be on the phones during all online class sessions so that they can re-send or trouble shoot with you. Ph 1300 326 233 and we will help.

I did not get online will I be charged?
We only deduct the class if you are booked and we check you in when we see you on screen, unlike in-studio classes which are charged if you ‘no show’.

Can I get a refund for this week if I don’t do online classes?
We are not providing refunds, but instead simply fill in a suspension which we are providing at no charge. This will freeze your account for 7 days.

Can Passes like Mature Movers and Intro do the Interactive?

Yes!!! Of course, the classes count the same as in-studio.

Katherine, John-Paul and the entire Dance Dynamics team are here for you. We will continue working, teaching and answering phones remotely.