Samantha Rowe

Samantha Rowe. Age 39. Member since 2018. Favourite classes Gentle Movers and Dance Tone.

I joined DD in November 2018 a month after my son Noah was stillborn. Noah was our miracle baby and was actually our ninth consecutive loss. We have no surviving children.

I was carrying baby weight from Noah and the previous pregnancies and generally feeling pretty deflated about both my body and myself.

I had a Gym Membership which I had been paying for the past 9 months – I’d attended gym on 3 occasions during this time. Gym really just isn’t my thing, I don’t enjoy it.

My Maternity Leave commenced….for the first few weeks I stayed home, allowing my body to heal and my heart to grieve. 

After lengthy discussions, my partner and I decided that we would try for another baby and as such, I knew that I needed to nurture and strengthen my body. So I started Dance! 

At first it was really hard, I was uncoordinated, unfit, had poor balance and I was struggling with my body/appearance. But I persisted. I attended 4-5 classes every week and started to plan my daily schedule around Dance. Dance gave me a reason to get up in the morning. It took quite a few weeks but eventually I started to relax. I no longer felt disappointed in myself if I started off on the wrong foot or headed in the wrong direction and as time went on, I became familiar with various steps which made it all come easier too. 

A few ladies that I saw week after week started to chat to me for which I was really grateful.

Whilst I have no huge change in weight reflected on the scales, my body has definitely changed but more importantly, I feel better about myself. My body is stronger, healthier, I’m more flexible and I have more energy. The emotional and physical benefits of Dance for me personally have been huge and I am so very glad that I took a chance and joined DD.

In two short weeks, my Maternity Leave will be coming to an end and whilst I’m looking forward to heading back to work, I’m really sad that I will no longer be able to attend my day Dance classes. Hopefully my employer will consider some flexibility with my return to work so that I can continue with at least some of my favourite classes.” Follow Samantha’s page Memories of an Angel