Overnight Oats – 1 recipe with 3 different flavours

Overnight Oats, a super healthy and filling breakfast or after workout snack.
If you have never made overnight oats you are in for a treat.
Quick and easy to throw together. All prep work is done the night before and with different flavours to choose.
Toppings add to more fun, add to oats when ready to serve.
Breakfast or snack time will never be boring again!

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Creamy Lemon and White Bean Dip

Dips make an excellent snack and nothing beats making them yourself at home. You can use your own combination of ingredients without the additives and they are just as tasty but more nutritious!!

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Power Challenge

Finding your energetic mojo – even during a Pandemic.

Energy is important, especially in these current times where sometimes, having the energy to get motivated to do anything is difficult. I’ve found the idea of, ‘I’ll do it later’ seems to have taken over my brain, especially when I know we seem to have nothing but time. In other words, procrastination at its absolute finest.

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