Power Challenge – Preparation


“Perfect preparation prevents piss poor performance” 


Spend some time getting ready for the Power Challenge. Check out our tips to help you power through the first 7 days

Prepare to correctly fuel and nourish your body. Have your lemons ready for your daily lemon water, select a water bottle or something you can keep track of your daily intake. Clear out the fridge or pantry of anything you want to avoid.


Plan your classes, block out when you are going to dedicate at least 45 minutes 6 days out of 7 to moving. You can do the 45 minutes in one block or break it up into 30 minutes and your 15 minute Strength or Yoga session at a different time. Print out your Days 1 – 7 checklist and put it somewhere like the fridge. Get PDF here


Get your computer ready for action. If you are using our Interactive classes you should use Chrome as your browser and make sure you turn off pop-up blocker. You will also need to have your Mindbody username (email) and password ready. As once you click on the email link you will need to login. 


Connect with everyone else doing the challenge by joining the Dance Dynamics Community group here. 

Make sure you add your ‘Power Challenge’ frame to your profile pic. Learn how here.


NOT A MEMBER? – Not a problem. Join us for 6 weeks to do our POWER CHALLENGE 

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