Class types explained


Our DanceFit classes use dance styles combined with a workout to you get fit and keep you moving. You build cardio, improve coordination, and will leave class with a massive smile. No judgement, just joy – say goodbye to monotonous gym reps or treadmills.


Incorporating awesome dance moves at the same time as giving you a full body workout. Get motivated with pumping tracks, bust a move and get those endorphins racing. Dance Tone incorporates high impact dance and fitness routines in to one energetic class. Benefits include improving cardiovascular fitness, burning calories, and improving muscle tone.


Zumba is a fitness class that is medium to high intensity and combines Latin and international music. The routines will incorporate interval training with tracks alternating between fast and slow tempo’s.


This is a low impact class that’s great for getting you back in to fitness due to injuries or busy lifestyles. Gentle Movers is a great class to start with to gain confidence and develop your fitness before taking the next step in to classes like Dance Tone and Zumba.


If you love latin music and dancing then this is the dance fitness class for you. Latin Rhythms is a class filled with all your favourite dance styles like Salsa, Merengue, Cha Cha, Jive, and Bachata. It is medium to high intensity and will get your heart pumping!


If you are 55+ and love dancing then this is a class for you. Mature Movers is a low impact class designed to cater for the mature aged members of our community to have fun in a very social environment.


All our dance classes are taught 2 weeks at a time – so you can join in anytime! 


This is a choreography dance class with the styles from the latin genre such as Cha Cha, Samba, Cuban Rumba and Jive changing each session. You will learn basic fundamentals and technique for that style and a mini routine to put everything in to practice.


This is a very popular South American style, the class will consist of learning step patterns, technique fundamentals and styling. Each month you will start new choreography to help develop and practice what you learn.


A ballet class of exercises at the barre. You will develop basic technique, lengthening of the muscles. Toning and improved posture. A wonderful class that will support core and fundamentals to increase aptitude and coordination across other styles.


Jazz combines techniques from other dance forms such as ballet and lyrical. At the start of every month you will learn a new routine which will then be added on for the next 3 weeks, at the end of the month you will spend time polishing and learning techniques and characteristics of the dance.


Broadway is a fun dance class that allows you to dance an awesome routine to one of the best broadway musical shows out there in a great social environment. 


Contemporary dance rejects a lot of the strict rules that are within ballet, what it does is focus instead on the expression of movement and emotions. 


 Hip Hop has evolved from the hip hop culture of the early 80’s and includes moves like popping,locking, krumping and even house dance. It is often seen as the street style of dance as there 


Fitness focused classes build strength and can take your cardio fitness to the next level. They work really well on their own or in combination with our Dance Fit or Dance classes


This is a great class to add variety to your weekly fitness regime, you will build muscle strength and tone the body in a non judgemental environment. You could be new to fitness or a long term fitness fanatic and still achieve great results. Strength N Tone is great to build your fitness level 


Barre Tone will help build and strengthen your muscles, improve your core strength and give your body a lean and toned look. This is a great alternative to Strength’N’Tone classes as no floor work is required.  


Stretch allows our muscles to lengthen through a combination of movements. This is a great class to finish off either a busy day or week. Slow down, breath and checkin with yourself. Restore balance physically and emotionally. A great stress relief. 

👉 TIPS FOR FITNESS CLASSES – You will need to bring your own yoga mat for these classes. Remember only work at your own pace and checkin with the instructor if you have injuries or challenges.

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