Finding your energetic mojo – even during a Pandemic.

Let’s look at energy

Energy is important, especially in these current times where sometimes, having the energy to get motivated to do anything is difficult. I’ve found the idea of, ‘I’ll do it later’ seems to have taken over my brain, especially when I know we seem to have nothing but time. In other words, procrastination at its absolute finest. 

So, I did some research. I needed to get motivated, but to do that, I needed more than just the energy that gets me out of bed and even better, out of my pyjamas before noon!

After some research, I discovered that we all have different kinds of energy inside us that helps balance everything from our physical health, to our mental health.  What’s even better, I was able to find ways that we can all boost these energy levels!

Here are the types of energy I discovered:

  • Mental Energy – Energy from our thoughts that is used for problem solving and decision making
  • Emotional Energy – Expressing our feelings, happiness (predominantly positive emotions)
  • Physical Energy – diet, exercise and sleeping schedule
  • Spiritual Energy – powered by our beliefs

Identifying the different types of energy was the first step, next came understanding how they all applied to me differently and which ones I felt needed boosting. I’ll talk you through the process so it would be awesome if you could give it a go too! (Especially if you’re still in your pyjamas and it’s passed noon.)

Once you have really thought about the different energies and how they apply to you, I’d like you to rate them all out of ten. This will help you work out the order of importance. 



For example, mine looked like this:

Mental Energy – 5/10

Emotional Energy – 7/10

Physical Energy – 3/10

Spiritual Energy – 8/10

As you can see, my physical energy is definitely lacking. For me, this came from a shocking sleeping schedule, irregular eating (took me a while, but breakfast at 1pm isn’t actually breakfast… who knew?), and lack of regular exercise. I was able to work out that my mental energy was flowing fine, likely from the amount of university work I currently have and that my emotional energy was supported by my family.

I have to say, identifying which energy I needed to improve again was the easiest. The next step was the hardest because it involved breaking the bad habits I had started to develop through lockdown.

To improve upon my physical energy, I decided on the following:

  • Waking up earlier to ensure I have 3 separate meals (proper meals, not just energy bars for lunch or a cup of tea for breakfast)
  • A proper sleeping schedule. I aim to be in bed asleep before midnight! (This is still a work in progress but have managed to ensure I get at least 6-7 hours a night)
  • Walk the dog and do a dance class every day. (This is also a work in progress but have so managed to do at least on or the other every day)

Creating new habits is difficult, but after working on this for just over a month, I can say that I’m feeling better and generally healthier than ever!

So much so that I decided to start working on my other types of energy as well! Here’s some ideas that I put together:

  • Mental Energy – reframing your thoughts, crosswords and other puzzles
  • Emotional Energy – listen to your favourite music, have a weekly video chat with a loved one/friend, watching feel good television shows (I did this one a bit too much)
  • Spiritual Energy – Meditations

I’m not sure about you, but I love making lists, so making a list for each type of energy with ways to boost them was lots of fun. 

What was surprisingly more fun, was ensuring I achieved everything I could and notice not only my physical health, but mental health improve despite being restricted in what I could do. If anything, the current restrictions forced me to think outside of the box – to find things I know I enjoy that I can do at home, both big and small. 

I’d love for you to join me in improving our energies and would also love to hear about all the ideas you come up with too! If you do join in with this, please share your wonderful ideas with everyone, because doing these things as a team is so much more fun than doing them alone, don’t you think?  😊 

” I’d love for you to join me in improving our energies “


 Kellie is an integral part of the Dance Dynamics admin team. She supports the members and management. She is studying a Bachelor of Creative Writing majoring in Editing. When she is not busy working at the studios or studying she loves to read and do paint by numbers. Her favourite Dance Dynamics class is Dance Tone, which she loves to do with her Mum who is also a Member of Dance Dynamics.