Terms & Conditions

Full Terms and Conditions

  • 1. You are required to update us about any change of details including phone numbers, email address, and postal address.
  • 2. Memberships/reoccuring passes are ongoing until you cancel in writing or via form on our website. Cancellation is the responsibility of the client.
  • 3. If under 18 years of age a parent/guardian authorisation is required
  • 4. As a client you warrant that you are physically and mentally well enough to proceed with any activities offered by Dance Dynamics and agree to tell Dance Dynamics if, at any time during your participation at any of their dance & fitness classes and/ or events you believe there is a risk to your health, or to the health of others by you participating in any activities offered.
  • 5. You agree to tell Dance Dynamics if, at any time during your membership, there are any changes to your medical condition or you believe there is a risk to your health, or to the health of others by you participating in any activities offered under your membership
  • 6. Memberships may be suspended anytime via our online suspension form. Suspensions are processed within 7 days and cannot be backdated. Membership will automatically restart at the end of the period requested. Memberships cannot be deferred indefinitely. A $5 per week suspension fee applies unless a medical certificate is provided
  • 7. To cancel a standard (Believe, Inspire, Achieve) or student membership provide 30 days notice before next debit date. Notice must be received in writing or via online form. To cancel a casual membership or reoccurring pass you can login to your own Mindbody account online and select ‘terminate’ for instant cancellation otherwise notice in writing requires 7 days notice
  • 8. Cancellations can only occur as an active member not during a suspension period.
  • 9. All payments will be payable from your nominated account whether or not you use the facilities during the period to which the payment relates.
  • 10. Direct Debits will continue past a 6/12 month term unless cancelled in writing by you the member. No notification will be issued to you by Dance Dynamics.
  • 11. If your scheduled direct debit is unsuccessful, further attempts at anytime may be made to recoup the unsuccessful payment until it is no longer outstanding. You may be charged a dishonour fee by the bank provider. Dance Dynamics charge a $10.00 fee when scheduled direct debits are unsuccessful and additional administration is undertaken.
  • 12. Debits that are rejected on consecutive occasions may be referred to debt collection agency and may incur interest. You may subsequently be charged for the reasonable costs incurred for debt recovery.
  • 13. 1.8% Visa/Mastercard charge (min 0.70) or 3.7% American Express (min 0.70) shall apply to Direct debits payments from credit cards.
  • 14. It is your responsibility to have sufficient funds available in your account to allow the debit payment to be made when payment is due.
  • 15. Any changes to your account details must be given in writing to Dance Dynamics not less than 7 days prior to the next debit date.
  • 16. If the debit date falls on any day which is not a business day, we may ask your financial institution to debit your account on the previous or following business day.
  • 17. As a client you acknowledge that a price increase can occur when we deem acceptable at our discretion.
  • 18. Memberships/Passes are an arrangement between you and Dance Dynamics and are not specific to an individual class, time, instructor or location. Individual studios can relocate or cease to run at our discretion.
  • 19. Instructors & Dance Class Schedules may be changed at our discretion.
  • 20. Dance Dynamics reserve the right to cancel your membership/passes if and when we deem that your presence either directly harms or effects other clients or staff in a negative, harmful or unfavourable manner.
  • 21. All Transfers require 14 days notice.

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