Amy-Ruth lost 46kg over 18 months

Starting at Dance Dynamics as a member Amy-Ruth lost 46kg over 18 months. An incredible achievement, but more importantly it was what she gained… her health and happiness. She has since become an instructor and is one of the many inspirational people at the studios. Each and every one with their own special journey 

“It’s a journey – probably the most important lesson I’ve learnt in the past two years. I didn’t initially set out to drop a lot of weight, the goal was to become healthy and happier, losing weight was a huge bonus.

There were a number of driving factors behind my motivation to improve my overall health and well-being – if I can give you one piece of advice…once you identify the reasons behind what you’re doing…your motivation tends to increase 10 fold (my experience anyway!).

It took 18 months and what a journey…46kgs (basically two of my suitcases I took the USA last year) gone and here I am. I do not regret for a second who I was before I began my journey to a better life, I felt a million bucks and was loved and am still loved by the most amazing guy who journeyed with me every step of the way. But something had to change. Massively.

I set some big goals I never thought I’d reach. But low and behold they’ve come and gone and I’ve set new ones. Bigger ones. Harder ones. I keep striving to meet new heights, to raise the bar, to challenge myself.

With my journey came highs and lows, it’s not easy and I for one will never ever pretend it is. Going to an exercise class, eating the right foods, taking care of yourself, ensuring you have rest days, taking holidays…every part of life you need to celebrate.

Don’t be afraid to dream big dreams. Set your goals high and keep remembering why you started in the first place. Find your mojo I say! For me dancing is that in so many ways. It makes my heart happy, plain and simple.

I am now the happiest and healthiest I’ve ever been in my 27 years on this earth. So all in all…take the first step. Keep going. It’s so worth it. I’m living proof.”

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