Wedding Lessons

Prepare for your special day by undertaking private dance lessons. We recommend that you commence classes a minimum of 3-6 months in advance in order to have a relaxed timeline in the lead up your wedding day. Generally couples wanting to learn a standard wedding dance will need 5 or 10 private lessons (45 minute sessions with your own personal instructor). Select a song that is meaningful to you and your partner, from their we will recommend a dance style that fits the rhythm, pace and style. It could be Rumba, Salsa, Waltz or a combination. Maybe something less traditional like Hip Hop. We will work with you to create a personalised routine that reflects your individual expression of love.

1 x 45 minutes Private Class with your own instructor $85


5 x 45 minutes Private Classes with your own instructor $405


10 x 45 minute Private Classes with your own instructor $790

Sometimes you may have a more elaborate and extravagant choreography in mind (yes we know you have seen something on you tube) we would love to assist you bring your special vision to life. It may be a complex routine or incorporate some of the bridal party. Please reach out to us and we can make recommendations and prepare an individual costing
Please email [email protected] for all wedding dance bookings and or individual costing for special requests. Please include the wedding date, location request and any special details that will assist us.