Why 45 Minutes is the Perfect Workout Time.

By Danica Treverton.


We all know that exercise is good for us. Not only does exercise aid in your physical health, but it also has social, emotional and mental benefits.

So what is the optimal time to work out for?

A 45 minute moderate intensity aerobic exercise session is the scientifically backed timeframe to exercise in.  It is short enough to fit easily into your schedule, but long enough to get a full workout in that benefits all aspects of your body.

Exercise is defined as any movement that makes your body work and requires your body to burn energy.  In a structured session, such as Gentle Movers, the instructor helps to set the tone and intensity of the class, while aiding you to achieve the best workout in that 45 minute session.

So lets recap some of the benefits that a 45 minute moderate intensity aerobic session can do for you – 

  • Helps to lower the risk of numerous health conditions such as diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure and increasing your cardiovascular health.
  • Lower your body weight and increase lean muscle mass as exercising regularly helps to increase your metabolism and your fat-burning potential.
  • Regular exercise helps the release of serotonin, which leads to better sleep and increased energy throughout the day.
  • Decreased stress and anxiety, as endorphins the elevate your mood are released while exercising, reducing the stress hormone cortisol in your body.

Exercising not only has all these physical benefits, but exercise can also benefit you mentally and emotionally.  Working out is a great stress buster, especially in a dance class where you are able to express yourself.  Exercising also give our minds a break from the normal, by shifting and changing your focus.  The stressors of life, seem less daunting when you have a regular dance class to look forward too, and you are being physical on a regular basis.  The effects and benefits of regular exercise are a powerful tool that we all have the ability to give to ourselves.  

Mindset is a large determinate in creating a regular exercise habit.  A long daunting session will often turn off a beginner, or someone returning to exercise.  A 45 minute session that caters to your needs, that allows you to build up not only fitness but confidence in your ability, is fun and enjoyable are the key to creating a regular and enjoyable workout schedule.  The secret to long term results is in creating habits that you are excited about. 

By setting smaller goals for yourself, and taking the first step to decide that you want to commit to a fun and inclusive exercise environment are supremely important in setting yourself up for success. A regular exercise habit is the single most power tool for improving both the quantity and quality of your life. 

So why not exercise for longer?  Studies have found that the 45 minute period is perfect for reducing your blood sugar levels that are linked to diabetes as well as continuing the ‘afterburn’ affect where your body continues to burn calories.  Working out for 60 minutes at a moderate to high intensity actually has a detrimental effect on the health benefits that you are tyring to achieve.  The longer period can also lead to increased fatigue, dehydration or injury.  If you find that 45 minutes is to easy, you need to increase your intensity level, not the length of the workout. 

Why is a 45 minute dance exercise session the perfect way to exercise?  It has been found that exercise programs that are structured, individualized, moderate intensity and are multicomponent, not only have great health and emotional benefits, but can also improve cognitive performance.  Movement and music help us to freely express ourselves, and can help to reduce thoughts of worthlessness or symptoms of depression by elevating feelings and creating an improved outlook on life.   Exercise also has the ability to improve our brain function, and protect our memory, something exceptionally important for later on in life.

Exercising is important for us all, and finding a place where you can feel supported in your journey, and enjoy working out in a 45 minute period to music you love, could be the perfect option to kickstart your journey to a happy and healthier you.  

Danica is a member of the administration team and has a passion and education for health and fitness with a Bachelor of Applied Science in Sport. 


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