Why it is important to stretch

Hey Team!

We did it. We’ve made it through yet another lockdown and are finally heading back to the studio and beginning our outdoor classes! The team and I are so excited to reconnect with you all and feel that energy we’ve so badly missed!


So, we’re headed back to “normal” or a “Covid Normal” I should say, so that means busier schedules, heading back into work and picking up some more classes in the studio. With change comes, an array of emotions, and our body, our temple must carry these for us.



A lot of us fall victim sometimes (myself included) to bypassing the most crucial part to exercise. It feels great working up a sweat and having a groove with the entire team, but most importantly is the post dance cool-down. Without a proper cool-down or stretch our body cannot fully recover and “heal” itself post workout. Our body can’t effectively remove the lactic acid that has built up without spending time stretching out the muscles we have just used in our workout. 


Stretching stimulates circulation and allows for oxygen to reach your muscles which can then break down the accumulation of lactic acid build up. Have you ever felt sore and sluggish the day after class? It’s a very good chance that it is sitting within your muscles. 

With increased circulation and oxygen flow throughout the body it can then better regulate it’s internal temperature and organically allow our heart rate to drop back to  an appropriate resting rate. 


Regular stretching whether it be post workout or not, has many benefits. Increased flexibility in our joints and muscles equals a healthy and strong body. We also become less prone to injury. 


All I’m saying is, do it, do it for you, do it for the longevity of your body. You’ve only got one!

I encourage you to try a stretch class, after a dance tone. With me, in the park next week! Or with your favourite instructor. 


I guarantee you’ll feel a difference. You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain!

Let me know, I promise you won’t be disappointed…

Anj xxx

Anj is a highly qualified dance and fitness instructor with multiple degrees in performing arts and personal training. She teaches across many of the Dance Dynamics studios.


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