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With over 200 classes outdoors and in studio, plus 300 online across dance, dancefit, and fitness each week  , we’ve got your exercise and wellness needs covered. Our flexible 30 minute classes run 6 days a week. You can get in and out, or do a series back to back. Flexible timetables will suit your diverse lifestyle. Dance Dynamics adult classes cater ages 16 – 60+ with or without dance and/or fitness experience. Learn, move, strengthen, tone and feel good in a no pressure environment. 

Forget about counting reps, worrying about how you look, or counting down till your workout is over. You’ll simply be having too much fun, so much so that your notice you’ll be working out, building strength and developing a new skill. Because the secret to a successful exercise routine is to have a lot of fun, and when you combine music and movement and our special brand of motivation you have found a workout and fitness program that ignites your spirit. From Ballet Barre to strengthen the legs and cultivate graceful movement and Jazz and Hip Hop to switch on the brain and express yourself. You’ll be burning calories and building muscle with our fitness dancing classes. Imagine a workout that you actually enjoy!


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Our Philosophy

It’s time to shake things up and dance your way to excellent health. Dance-inspired workouts are the ultimate dance and fitness experience – and that’s  because they’re so effective. From BALLET to HIP-HOP to LATIN moves, our dance classes in Melbourne help you burns loads of calories and gets your heart pumping while getting your  mind into that happy place.

Beyond Exercise

Fitness dance classes are so much fun that losing weight and gaining fitness becomes an added bonus, not a tedious must-do. Forget boring workouts and endless repetitive movements, dancing is where it’s at. Our fitness classes are in all pockets of Melbourne, so you can guarantee that there’s a class and a location that suits your needs, your fitness level.

Meet Our Team

Dance Dynamics is all about the people. We know that no other form of exercise quietens the mind, fuels the heart and strengthens the body in the same way as our classes. We have a passion for teaching, encouraging and supporting you on your wellness journey.

Members Stories

Lucy Walsh
57 years
Favourite class - Mature Movers
60 years
Favourite class - Mature Movers
32 years
Favourite class - Mature Movers
32 years
Favourite class - Mature Movers
Dance Dynamics
40 years
Favourite class - Mature Movers
30 years
Favourite class - Mature Movers

Imagine If You Could Discover A New You

Our members are our inspiration. We love to hear about their journey and are grateful for the profound benefits that Dance Dynamics has brought to their lives.

Meet the Founder

My heart yearned to provide an inclusive space where movement and music drive both physical and emotional well being. So before I even opened the first studio location Box Hill in 1998 I wrote this mission:

  “Enable all to learn the pure joy of dance, thus allowing a fundamental expression of the human spirit”

Over the years more and more Dance Dynamics team members and instructors have joined me in this mission and each year our community continues to grow with people from all ages, walks of life and new locations. Join us and let movement be your medicine!

With love,

Katherine Armstrong

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