Enjoy the Training Benefits of a Group Fitness Class in Melbourne

  • Strength & Tone
  • Barre Tone
  • Yoga Stretch​
  • HIIT
  • Circuit

Strength & Tone

YOGA MAT NEEDED! Don’t like weights?? Do you want to feel strong get toned and work hard, well this is the class for you.Strength and Tone is a high energy class which will get your blood pumping and your muscles feeling stronger, this is a pure fitness class where you will mix High Intensity cardio, body weight exercises and floor work to switch on those important core muscles.


Barre Tone

Is a full body work out performed at the Ballet Barre creating long lasting lean muscles at the same time improving your posture, flexibility as well as weight loss all in one fun and energy infused class. This class is suited for beginners through to advanced fitness levels with exercises based around Ballet positions.


Yoga Stretch​

Yoga brings relaxation, balance, and flexibility to your body. Our strength and tone classes focus on straightening your body, enriching the soul, and clearing the mind all in one. Your body will be in perfect alignment – the health benefits are unlimited.


Our HIIT training classes are ideal for those who are time poor but serious about getting fit or staying healthy. The total body experience is about aerobic strength and condition designed to exercise every part of your body.


Our full body circuit training is instructor-led classes that are guaranteed to push your limits and help you achieve the best possible results.


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